About us

Sailin Marine Consultants Co., Ltd. is an independent marine technical consultancy, expert witness and dispute resolution services company, to provide professional and cost-effective services to our worldwide clients.


Our services

Marine Engineering

  • Hull and Machinery Surveys
  • Main and Auxiliary Engine Damages
  • Steering Gear and Rudder Incidents
  • Shafting Failures and Propeller Damages
  • Fire and Flooding Investigations and Assessments
  • Crane Incidents
  • Bearing Failures

Bunker Dispute

  • Bunkering Surveys
  • Bunker Quality Disputes

Paint and Coating

  • Coating Failure Investigations
  • Antifouling and Biofouling Consultancy Services

New Construction

  • New Building Supervision Managements
  • Vessel/Engine Performance Assessments
  • New Building Off-Specification Disputes

Condition Surveys

  • Pre-purchase Surveys
  • On/Off – Hire Surveys